Answer the Bell

It has always been funny to me that the verb “doing” is spelled exactly like the sound effect that is sometimes used when describing a off-key bell: “DOING!”. What I have noted in all of the personal development courses, books, videos, blogs, Vlogs, CD’s, tapes, and seminars I have seen is that you will not get where you want to go unless you are doing something about it.

The steps are generally the same:

1. Write down what you want
2. Start doing what needs to be done to get there

I do not disagree with this at all. Obviously, you cannot sit back and wait for life to happen. One person’s “Why” will be always be unique to another’s and neither will be more valuable or necessarily more important than another’s. The only real difference between people who get to where they want to go, and those that do not, is Step 2. The people that make it to where they want to be will answer the call of that off-key bell and start: DOING!

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