The Power of Purpose

I witnessed something over the weekend that helped me to understand how much can be accomplished by just a few people if they are focused on a single objective. And I suppose the flip side to that is how little gets accomplished when just one single person is unfocused and attempting a few objectives at once. Figuring out what you want isn’t always easy, but when you are working toward helping others it can definitely help your focus. I watched a group of people that are part of my niece’s church put together a really great surprise party and BBQ for her college graduation. Their dedication and kindness was radiant. The church is part of a community that is often overlooked in Tucson, and English is not the first language for many of its members. I couldn’t help thinking about recent legislation passed here in Arizona about immigration and how fear plays such a huge part of it. You may disagree if you want to, but I am convinced that fear is what drives it, and is at the root of many of our the other challenges we face in America today. When you live with purpose, the removal of fear is a natural by-product. When you are living in Joy, you don’t have time for fear. Whether you believe in God or not, I can’t reasonably understand how anyone could believe that our purpose on this earth is to live in fear. What’s the point of that?

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