I read an interesting quote recently that mentioned affirmations, and I connected with it, because I’ve often had difficulty whenever I’ve tried using them myself. It’s from “Start Where You Are” by Pema Chodron: ‘Affirmations are like screaming that you’re OK in order to overcome the whisper that you’re not.’
This makes sense to me because the source of the whisper is the ego and my ego is very stubborn. I can see the idea behind affirmations ‘retraining’ the mind to have a different conscious/subconscious connection, yet we can never fully silence the ego. This is not to say that I do not attempt to maintain a positive attitude and an ‘openness’ to the goodness and abundance that God brings into my life. It just means that I am aware of this thinking part of my brain that tries to make me believe that not being alright is a huge problem. As Pema Chedron further states, ‘…none of us is OK, and all of us are fine.’ It’s OK when we have a negative thought. We just don’t need to live there. Relatively speaking, none of it is really a big deal, is it?

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