The Unbalanced Wheel

I was speaking to a friend today who is conflicted about something related to his workplace. He isn’t happy and it is affecting him on the days he is scheduled to go into work. I suggested that it is probably affecting him even on the days he doesn’t have to go in to work because it is always at least in his thoughts or in the back of his mind. He is concerned about leaving the job because he doesn’t want to hurt his friend who he is helping by working there. I offered that his situation is analogous to an out of balance wheel on a car. If the wheel is unbalanced, the whole car shakes. And if you let it stay out of balance long enough, the shaking can get so violent that you wouldn’t be able to control the vehicle well enough to keep it on the road. This is how I feel about my friend’s situation. If he is unhappy, then his life is out of balance with what he wants for himself, and one way or another, this is going to end up with him needing to get off the road. The question is: Is it better to pull off the road under your own control to remedy the problem, or to wait until the point in which the vehicle just goes off the road on its own?

Yoga and Life in the Sun

I set up my site to allow me to post via e-mail, and so I am writing this on my Blackberry while I sit in a small patch of grass amongst the palm trees and enjoy the breezes and sunshine outside the office building where I work. I have begun to understand a little bit more about the concept of arranging the pieces we are given and allowing the parts of my life to ‘fall together’ instead of ‘fall apart’. I’m thankful for so many things: my family, friends, faith. Each day I feel a little more connected to the ‘oneness’ I’ve heard so much about. I took my first yoga class yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t say I made a spiritual connection in it yet. I was still very much in the physical realm, sweating profusely after about 20 minutes of poses. But I am looking forward to letting go and allowing myself to receive whatever I’m supposed to receive. I thank my cousin, Mark, for the encouragement to do it, and to Wayne Dyer who said, “We get (receive) more of what we are, not what we think about.” That’s a big differentiator for me. I’m eager to find out what I am.

Posting From Anywhere

Technology has made the world more ‘connected’ and that may or may not always be a good thing. One of the biggest challenges of using technology as a tool is determining which tool is right for the job. If the only tool you own is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. The right tool is the one that helps you to meet a specific objective or goal in the easiest or shortest way possible. In some instances, you cannot take a shortcut to get to where you want to go, but you’ll still need the right tool. Just because you can’t get it done any faster doesn’t mean you can’t get it done more efficiently. In the end, those who are more efficient are likely to more consistently meet their objectives.